LE’MONA – Sometimes (Official Lyrical Video) | English Version

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Sometimes I feel like
I don’t stand a chance
The roads in my life
Would lead to the wrong place
Sometimes I feel like
I won’t take any steps
But something says inside me
There is nothing in my way

I’ll never give in
The sun will always shine, in a stranger’s eyes,
A word can save the world, as long as it is kind
You can overcome, with a shoulder to lean on
O you can

I see my fate, and I will reach it
I’ll find a way out of this
I’ll wash my tears away from my face
Facing my fears, I’ll stand to the end

Sometimes it feels like,
You won’t survive alone
But find the reasons why,
Be hero on your own
Sometimes it feels like
The time is passing by
But one beat of my heart
Is one more chance to try

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